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Today In History

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Today In History

Today In History

Here is what happened on Monday - February 18th...
            It is day 49 of the year 2019, and there are 316 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

            1745,Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, invented the electric battery.
     Today, this person is/would be 274 years old.
            1848,Louis Comfort Tiffany, glassmaker
     Today, this person is/would be 171 years old.
            1909,Wallace Stegner
     Today, this person is/would be 110 years old.
            1920,Bill Cullen
     Today, this person is/would be 99 years old.
            1920,Jack Palance, actor, bad guy, and one hand push up king!
     Today, this person is/would be 99 years old.
            1931,Chloe Anthony Morrison, - aka Tonie Morrison, author.
     Today, this person is/would be 88 years old.
            1954,John Travolta, actor.
     Today, this person is/would be 65 years old.
            1957,Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune letter turner.
     Today, this person is/would be 62 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

            1849,First regular steamboat service to California started with the arrival of the "California".
            1850,California Legislature creates the 9 Bay Area counties.
            1899,San Francisco is named as a port of dispatch for Army transports.
            1930,A cow is flown (and milked in flight) for first time. Her milk was sealed in paper containers and dropped by parachute over St. Louis, MO. I knew you'd want to know ...
            1939,Golden Gate International Exposition opens on Treasure Island (built for the occasion) in San Francisco Bay.
            1995,"World Champion Houston Rockets" are honored at The White House.
      And Don't Forget...

            President's Day, A legal holiday
                        National Bun Day -- Iceland.

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