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Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild PatchThere are over 20 members of the Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild (Fly Tier's Guild) which began in 1977. The Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild consists of an informal group of dedicated Fly Tyers, promoting high standards of fly tying. To be a member of the Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild, one must obtain a "membership by guild procedure". The Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild invites members internationally and presently consists of members from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as Canada and the U.S.A.
The Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild has no set meeting times, but when they do meet, it is at member's homes for fly tying and good fellowship. The overseas members of the Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild visit one another as travel permits. On occasion, the members have had campouts and night school classes for adults. View a few pictures!
(Neil McDiarmid, one of the PFTG members, has a website for Tulameen Adventure Tours.
Also, visit PFTG member Spencer Deal's website, "Welcome to the Colonel, Lord Cornwallis' Company of His Majesty King George the Third's 33rd Regiment of Foot!")

The contact person for the Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild is:

John Sandness, PO Box 824, Princeton, B.C. V0X 1W0 Canada


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